What is Required for No Doc Car Loan?

By October 1, 2018No Doc Car Loan
What is required for a no doc car loan?



What is Required for a No Doc Car Loan?

What is required for a No Doc Car Loan?  As long as you meet the criteria for a No Doc Car loan then all you would need to do is complete our 5 minute online application on our website, then we will arrange a pre approval in a matter of hours for you.

The main criteria would be to have an ABN registered for a certain amount of time. Then depending on the loan amount you are looking for, would depend on whether you need GST registration. Lastly to avoid a deposit, the lender would need to see that you have some sort of real estate ownership, whether is a family home, investment property, block of land, or even a commercial property.

The min criteria would be one year ABN / one year GST registration with no property ownership – this combination would require a 20% deposit.

However, we do have lenders that will fund a car or truck loan with a brand new ABN, so in this case other documents or criteria would come into play, which we will cover in another article.

Is it Really this Easy?

Yes, this is all we need….as long as you meet the criteria in some form or another we should be able to assist you. The lenders do not need Tax Returns or company financials at all. As long as you have a valid ABN that has been in place for at least 12 months then no documentation is needed at all. For ABN’s with less than 12 months registration, this then becomes a Low Doc Car Loan or Low Doc truck loan in which bank statements may be required, but will depend on each individual situation.


Can I get a Quote?

Yes of course, please visit our Car Loan Calculator and supply some brief details and you will get a quote emailed to you most of the time within the hour. If you are looking for Truck Finance instead, then please use our Truck Finance Calculator to obtain a fast quote – remember we can finance up to $500,000 for trucks.



I hope you are much clearer as to What is Required for a No Doc Car Loan by now, but if you have specific questions about your unique situation then please contact us either by using our Quick Enquiry Form, Email or Phone.

Alternatively just complete our 5 Minute application form or Car Loan Calculator form.