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Truck Finance for New Business

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If you are looking for Truck Finance for New business then Carfund has multiple options available depending on each individual circumstance. We have lenders at our disposal that will lend up to $250,000 for a truck or other piece of business equipment that is used for business purposes.

These Loan are called Low Doc Truck Finance or Low Doc Equipment Finance; they are not No Doc Loans as the lender will need either bank statements and / or a work source letter or contract. These documents are needed for a start up business or new business.

A likely example may be a truck driver who has been employed by the freight company and now would like to become a contractor, and either contract back to his existing employer, or contract to a brand new company. For this scenario we would generally need an ABN registered, 3 months bank statements, and a work source letter or work contract, if you have not started as a contractor as yet.

Truck Finance New Business

In this type of situation the lenders are looking for a cash buffer in your account so you can pay the bills while waiting for your first revenue from  the new contract, and the valid work source letter. Property ownership and a deposit is not generally needed in these situations, but its case by case and will depend on the overall strength of the deal e.g. Cash in bank, assets, existing liabilities, loan amount ect.

You can also read more about what is needed for Low Doc Truck Finance Here.

If you would like to talk to us about Truck Finance for New Business then you can contact us by phone on 1800 199 302, sending an email, using our Quick Quote form, or Applying Online in 5 Minutes.

Low Doc Truck Finance

What is Required for Low Doc Truck Finance?

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What is Required for Low Doc Truck Finance?

What is required for Low Doc Truck Finance?

There are many different situations that we come across when arranging truck finance for a new client, so we could not possibly cover every scenario in this article.

If you are buying a smaller truck which is no older than 10 years and you have an ABN over 2 years old, then we can do this as a No Doc Truck Loan – which means no documents at all!

There are also numerous other scenarios where we can arrange your truck loan with no documents required at all.

Most other scenarios will require 3 months business bank statements, or work source letters for new start up business’s.

Bad credit truck finance can also be arranged for the right situation.

Private sales, older trucks, unusual trucks are all able to be financed.

Can I get a Quote?

Yes of course, please visit our Truck Finance Calculator and supply some brief details and you will get a quote emailed to you most of the time within the hour.

If you are looking for a Low Doc Car Loan instead, then please use our Car Loan Calculator to obtain a fast quote – remember we can finance up to $150000 for cars.


I hope you are much clearer as to What is Required for Low Doc Truck Finance by now, but if you have specific questions about your unique situation then please contact us either by using our Quick Enquiry Form, Email or Phone.

Alternatively just complete our 5 Minute application form or Car Loan Calculator form.