Low Doc Car Loan

Truck Finance with No Tax Returns up to $250,000

Are you an Business Owner looking for Truck Finance to purchase a new or used truck from a dealer or private seller?

Would you like to secure a Pre Approval for up to $250,000 without the need to provide any tax returns. The main criteria is for you to be an ABN holder and in some cases GST registration may be required.

Most of the time no deposit is needed, and we can generally finance trucks and other equipment like Excavators, Skid Steer Loaders, Bob Cats to name a few. Even older trucks are fine in most cases.

We only specialise in the self employed space and we never need tax returns, so if you do not have tax returns available and you need truck finance or finance for any other piece of equipment we are the company to help you.

If your business is a start up business therefore your ABN is brand new, then we also have solutions to suite your situation.

This process is much easier than you think; its fast, cheap and there is no hassle on your end – please use our Truck Finance Calculator below or apply now using our Quick 5 Minute online application.

Car & Truck Finance for Business Owners

Whether you are looking for a new or second hand car or truck, purchased from a registered car dealer or a private seller, CarFund is the best way to secure funding, with loan terms ranging from 24 to 60 months, and no need for income verification when borrowing less than $150,000 for cars and $250,000 for trucks and other equipment.

As a self employed business owner you are eligible to finance your car or truck using a product called a Chattel Mortgage which is now the number one way to finance a car in Australia which is used predominantly for business purposes. Find out more about Chattel Mortgages

We also finance alot of our trucks using an operating Lease which is also a very flexible and great way to finance a truck.

We Dont Just Provide Truck Finance

We also provide Low Doc car Finance and Low Doc Equipment Finance. All of our finance options do not require tax returns and the process is just as easy as our No Doc Truck Finance procedure.

You can contact a CarFund Finance Expert on 1800 199 302, or send a Quick Enquiry request and we will answer you within 30 mins. You can also Apply online in 5 minutes by completing our streamlined Online Application Form or if you would like to know what your Monthly Car Repayments will be, please use our Car Loan Calculator  or our Truck Finance Calculator.

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