Truck FinanceNo Doc & Low Doc Truck Finance

Are you an ABN Holder looking to finance the purchase of a Truck?

The process is surprisingly easy as long as you fit the criteria. We only arrange No Doc & Low Doc Truck Finance for self employed customers and we never ask for tax returns.

Most of the time no deposit is needed, and we can finance older trucks, newer trucks, trucks purchased from a private seller, auction house or from a dealer.

We can arrange Truck Finance for start up ABN’s as well, there are thousands of different scenarios to many to list so best to contact us and we can let you know what we can do for you.



Truck Finance at a Glance

  • Have not completed your tax returns for a few years  – No Problem as we do not need them
  • Older Truck – No Problem
  • Private Sale – No Problem
  • Non property owner – No Problem
  • No Deposit – No Problem as long as you meet the criteria
  • Brand New ABN – No problem as long as you meet the criteria
  • Bad Credit – No Problem as long as you meet the criteria
  • Tax Debt – No Problem in most cases
  • Ex Bankrupt – No Problem is most cases

Whether you are looking for a new or second hand truck, purchased from a registered dealer, auction house or a private seller, CarFund is the best way to secure funding, with loan terms ranging from 24 to 84 months, and no need for tax returns when borrowing less than $250,000 for trucks and other equipment.



We Dont Just Provide Truck Finance

We also provide Low Doc car Finance and Low Doc Equipment Finance. All of our finance options do not require tax returns and the process is just as easy as our No Doc Truck Finance procedure.

You can contact a CarFund Finance Expert on 1800 199 302, or send a Quick Enquiry request and we will answer you within 30 mins. You can also Apply online in 5 minutes by completing our streamlined Online Application Form or if you would like to know what your Monthly Car Repayments will be, please use our Car Loan Calculator  or our Truck Finance Calculator.

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