Low Doc Car Loan

The Car Financing Service With a Difference!

Are you an Self Employed Business Owner looking to purchase a new or used car or truck from a dealer or private seller?

Would you like to secure a Pre Approval for up to $150,000 without the need to provide any paperwork like tax returns and financials ?

If you are a property owner then no deposit required, otherwise 10% – 20% is needed (we do have $0 deposit options for non property owners in certain cases – ask us if this is important to you).

If the answer is yes to all of the above then CarFund is the Car Financing Solution for you! We specialise in the self employed space and some of the lenders we have on our panel are Westpac, ANZ, Metro Finance and Capital Finance just to name a few.

No paperwork is required; all we require is a Quick 5 Minute Application and we will do the rest. These loans are called a Low Doc Car Loan or No Doc Car Loan; we also arrange Truck Finance up to $500,000 or finance for any business equipment that you may need to purchase.

If you require car finance for more than $150,000 then we can also arrange that but we will need tax returns.



CarFund – Flexible Car Finance for Business Owners

Whether you are looking for a new or second hand car, purchased from a registered car dealer or a private seller, CarFund is the best way to secure funding, with loan terms ranging from 24 to 60 months, and no need for income verification when borrowing less than $150,000.

As a self employed business owner you are eligible to finance your car using a product called a Chattel Mortgage which is now the number one way to finance a car in Australia which is used predominantly for business purposes. Find out more about Chattel Mortgages



Our Partners to Provide Our Clients with Fleet Pricing!

You may qualify for exclusive access to our Discounted New Car Buying Service which is run in conjunction with one of our partners. As a buyer of thousands of new cars every year, our partner is offered large corporate discounts on new car purchases via the corporate car buying program – and this highly exclusive offer is extended to all clients of CarFund.

Moreover, we can arrange trade-ins and test drives without ever having to visit the dealership, and your brand new car will be delivered to your door with a fuel tank of fuel. Its Fleet Pricing for Private Buyers? Find out more about Discount New Cars

You can contact a CarFund Car Finance Expert on 1800 199 302, or send a Quick Enquiry request and we will answer you within 30 mins. You can also Apply online in 10 minutes by completing our streamlined Online Application Form or if you would like to know what your Monthly Car Repayments will be, please use our Car Loan Calculator.





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