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No Doc Car Loans


How do I qualify for a No Doc Car Loan?

The number one requirement for No Doc car loans and Low doc car loans is the length of ABN registration, the longer the better. WE have so many different options that we can cater for, short term ABN’s and longer term ABN’s. Property ownership can help in some instances, but its not needed. A deposit can help, but again its not needed. Just complete out Quick Quote Form and we will shoot back a quote for you really quick.

What Documents will I need for No Doc Car loans and Low Doc Car Loans?

As long as you qualify for No Doc Car Finance then you will not need to supply us with any documents for your approval. You will simply fill in our 5 minute online application┬áthen we can submit an application to the most appropriate lender that suits your profile and usually receive an approval within 2 – 24 hours.
Sometimes we need to move to a Low Doc Car Loan option which requires 6 months business bank statements. Various reasons for this may be bad credit, really old vehicle, brand new ABN, but once you submit your application and we run our checks we will notify you if this is the case, but generally 95% of our car loan applications are No Doc Car Loans.
Once you find a suitable vehicle, we will email you the loan documents to sign and you will sign them email back to us. Depending on which lender we are using, you would then generally have to also send us a copy of your drivers licence.
We can cater for dealer sales and private sales.

How Long Does it take for a No Doc Car Loan to be approved?

This depends on the demand from each lender but generally it take take anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours for approval.

Do you do a credit check when I apply for a Low Doc Car Loan?

We always run a soft check when we receive your application, this tells us straight away whether you will qualify for a loan with the lender we intend to use. This credit check does not effect your score in any way and there are no marks left on your credit file. Once we do submit the loan application to the lender most of the lenders will run a credit check, but by us running our own checks first we pretty much know the loan will be approved before we submit the application to the lender, rarely would a loan be declined after we have submitted the application to the lender.

Can I buy from a private seller or does it have to be a dealer?

All of our lenders accept one will allow both dealer and private sales, with most clients preferring to buy privately.

Is it harder to get approved for an ABN Car Loan since COVID appeared?

The short answer its a little harder as some of our lenders have changed policies but we are slowly returning back to normal. I would say once the vaccinations start taking hold and there is less risk of border closures then the things will be back where they were pre COVID, but all in all we can still get most deals approved one way or the other.

Can I get a No Doc Car Loan with Bad Credit?

We have a range of lenders that deal with bad credit car loans. All of these lenders will need 6 months business bank statements due to the extra risk. However if you just have a small telco or utility default under $1000 and its been paid we can generally get these types of deals approved with a few of our mainstream lenders. Bad credit car loans are case by case as each situation is unique so just send through your car finance application and we will run our checks and get in contact with you to discuss.

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