Can I Get a Car Loan with No Proof of Income?

By February 28, 2019Low Doc Car Loan
Low doc car loan self employed

No Doc Car Loans

The simple answer is yes you can as long as you are self employed and have a valid ABN which has been registered for a minimum length of time. To give you an example the shortest time frame for ABN registration is 12 months as long as you have had GST registration for 12 months, then you qualify for up to $100,000. If you own a property then no deposit would be needed, if no property ownership then a 20% deposit would be needed.

Above is just one scenario out of a possible 50 scenarios as a guess.

Another would be 2 years ABN registration with no GST – we could get you $35,000 in this scenario, with a 10% deposit for a non property owner or nil deposit for a property owner.

We can arrange a No Doc Car Loan for up to $150,000 with just 2 years ABN and GST registration, property ownership or 20% deposit and a valid credit reference. A credit reference is a reference that a previous lender would give you from a previous car or equipment finance contract. If your repayments were in good order then you would receive an A rating. If you have not had previous car finance in the last 5 years, then you may not qualify in this particular scenario.

Only some lenders need a valid credit reference, we have other lenders that do not need a credit reference.

Above are all what we call No Doc Car Loans. This means that no documents are needed at all for your car loan approval.

Low Doc Car Loans

Then we have what we call Low Doc Car Loans. This where where we may be able to arrange car or truck finance if your ABN has been registered as little as one day.

Lets just say your ABN has been registered for 5 months and you are running a valid business, then as long as your credit score is ok, we can usually arrange finance based on 3 months business bank statements.

In the event of a brand new ABN we could arrange finance using a work source letter or work contract – a usual example may be a truck driver who has been an employee, but now he or she wants to buy their own truck and contract back to his original employer or a totally different company. In this case if they can supply a work source letter from the new company, or even a contract then we can usually arrange the finance. The lender would also need to see 3 months bank statements to confirm they have some cash behind them till the new company starts to pay them.


This is what we do, we arrange car loans with no proof of income for self employed clients.

As you can see there are just too many different scenarios to list. If you would like to find out if you qualify for one of our No Doc Car Loans or Low Doc Car loans for self employed clients with a valid ABN, then you can contact us either via email, phone, submit a car finance quote request or just go ahead and Apply Now online in 5 minutes.