Rent to own trucks

Rent to Own Trucks

Are you just starting out as an owner driver and need a truck so that you can secure your work contract? Rent to own or rent to buy is the perfect product for you. The finance company takes ownership of the truck, and you make weekly rental payments. By the end of the term, you simply pay $1 and take ownership of the truck.

This is simply the best and one of the only ways a new Owner Driver can get into their own truck in order to start driving for a freight company.


  • Work Source Letter or contract from the company you plan to contract to
  • Copy of your Drivers Licence and Medicare Card
  • Our 5 Minute Online Application
  • Copy of 3 months bank statements – the lender needs to see you have some money available to cover costs until your first income is received.

Features of Rent to Own Trucks

  • Up to $500K
  • No Tax Returns or Financials Needed
  • No deposit needed in most cases
  • No property needed in most cases
  • Quick and easy process
  • Affordable weekly payments
  • Trucks can be up to 20 years old, and even older in some cases
  • Repayments are 100% tax deductible
  • Own the truck at the end of the term for $1

We have lost of Rent to Own or Rent to Buy Truck options to Give Us a Call, Get a Quote or fill in our 5 Minute Online Application.

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